National Informatics Centre (NIC) was established in 1976, and has since emerged as a "prime builder" of e-Government / e-Governance applications up to the grassroots level as well as a promoter of digital opportunities for sustainable development. NIC, through its ICT Network, "NICNET", has institutional linkages with all the Ministries /Departments of the Central Government, 35 State Governments/ Union Territories, and about 625 District administrations of India. NIC has been instrumental in steering e-Government/e-Governance applications in government ministries/departments at the Centre, States, Districts and Blocks, facilitating improvement in government services, wider transparency, promoting decentralized planning and management, resulting in better efficiency and accountability to the people of India.

         "Informatics-led-development" programme of the government has been spearheaded by NIC to derive competitive advantage by implementing ICT applications in social & public administration. The following major activities are being undertaken:

         During the last three decades, NIC has implemented many "network centric" application software for Programme implementation in various ministries and departments, using state-of-the-technology software tools. During 1980s and early part of 1990s, the policy thrust was on creating "Management Information System (MIS)" and "Decision Support System (DSS)" for development , planning and responsive administration in governments which led to the genesis of present day "e-Governance" / "e-Government". "Bridging the Digital Divide", "Social and Financial Inclusion through ICT" and "Reaching- the-Unreached" concepts were tried and made operational in the late nineties. NIC has vast expertise and experience in the design, development and operationalisation of various e-Government projects in the areas of Public Administration and Governance like Agriculture & Food, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Forestry & Environment, Industry, Health, Education, Budget and Treasury, Fiscal Resources, Transport, Water Resources, Court Management, Rural Development, Land Records and Property registration, Culture & Tourism, Import & Exports facilitation, Social Welfare Services, Micro-level Planning, etc. With increasing awareness leading to demand and availability of ICT infrastructure with better capacities and programme framework, the governance space in the country witnessed a new round of projects and products, covering the entire spectrum of e-Governance including G2C, G2B, G2G, with emphasis on service delivery.

         NIC provides Nationwide Common ICT Infrastructure to support e-Governance services to the citizen, Products and Solutions designed to address e-Governance Initiatives, Major e-Governance Projects, State/UT Informatics Support and district level services rendered.



         NIC, Rayagada, a unit of this premier IT Organization was established in April 1995 with an aim to provide IT consultancy to the administration of newly formed RAYAGADA District and spread an IT culture. The initial task was to generate computer awareness among the local Govt. Officials, encourage them. Since then NIC, Rayagada has come a long way. Today it has strived hand with the District Administration in providing reliable IT Consultancy, IT Solution and Effective informatics support, and proved itself as a major force to the administration. NIC, Rayagada is not only providing IT Support but also involved in implementation of National Level Computerization Projects in the District. It has put one step forward towards e-governance by developing this website for the Dist. Administration. In order to further promote Information Technology in the District, focusing on INTERNET Technology and value-added services in the area of Industry, Business and Commerce, it is provided with INTERNET Technology based services over NICNET through Leased Line and VPN. NIC, Rayagada is now running at DRDA Campus with seperate building and infrastructure.